The Carolyn Marie Collection

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The Carolyn Marie Collection

 The Carolyn Marie Collection by Sara Sela Jewelry began when two young, hardworking women fell in love with the other's talents and artistry. Sara Sela, the jewelry designer with uniquely handcrafted pieces, wanted to capture Carolyn Marie's powerful rock inspired voice that's showcased on her debut EP, "Backstage Pass", while still embracing her romantic and feminine personality into a jewelry line. The two met up at local New York City coffee houses and talked for months about everything from color schemes to symbols to give the line so it could live in its own identity, and that's when they decided on the black rose.

 Each piece of The Carolyn Marie Collection is adorned by a black rose charm. To Carolyn and Sara, the black rose represents all elements that any woman would want to embody; power, edginess, grace, and femininity. This line beautifully blends theses traits with spikes, vibrant crystals, and sliver and gold accent metals.

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